Sunday Morning Movie: Tremors (1990)


Tremors (1990)
Directed by Ron Underwood

For breakfast: Homemade Egg McMuffins

I grew up watching Tremors on late night cable stations like USA and I pretty much know it word for word at this point. It’s silly, it’s cheesy, and it’s a hell of a lot of fun. Kevin Bacon and Fred Ward are charming as handymen Earl and Valentine and they play off of each other well. They’re not quite bumbling, but they’re not that far off either. The rest of the townspeople are quirky without being too stereotypical or obnoxious. I absolutely love rootin’ tootin’ Reba here too, hilarious. The kills are entertaining while the creature effects/gore are gooey and great, if a little dated. There are a lot of plot conveniences but those matter about as much as the logic involved in creating a perspective shot from a subterrenean beast with no eyes. This film also looks better than it has any right to on HD DVD, I had never noticed that Rhonda didn’t shave her legs, huh..

Grade: B


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