Little *ucker (2009)

The screeners I get from Allhorrorfilms are usually pretty humorous, though this is the first time the film was surprisingly watchable.

Little ucker isn’t necessarily a film you should have high expectations for, but on the other hand, if you have high expectations (wink wink cough cough) you just might find yourself enjoying this silly little film. Directed by Michael Muscal, Little ucker hearkens back to the B-Horror films of the ’80s giving it a distinct, almost Troma-like feeling. Since the film aspires to be nothing more than a B-film, this means that when it stumbles it fortunately doesn’t have far to fall…and it does stumble.

The film opens with two stereotypical pot heads, Chuck and Lloyd, heading off to their menial jobs as exterminators. On this particular day they cross paths with a nasty little creature that shares their love for Maryjane — in fact, it’s the only thing that keeps this “little ucker” from killing everything in sight. Luckily, being the good stoners that they are, they have plenty of pot on hand, so their new friend just seems like one of the guys; he loves girls, booze, and he especially loves to party. This was by far the best part of the film for me. Between the clever banter of Chuck and Lloyd and the antics with “little ucker some moments had me in hysterics. But sadly the laughter didn’t last for long.

The very next night the boys are invited to a costume party, which presents them with the perfect opportunity to show off their new friend (hey, he’s already got a costume) and hook up with some ladies. This plan works out great until they run out of pot and “little ucker” goes ballistic…turning the party into a bloodbath. Realizing what has happened, the two stoners are forced to step up and take on their new friend to try and save the day.

Unfortunately the film falls victim to its own ridiculousness and doesn’t finish near as strong as it starts. To be honest, once the film hit the party it started to lose me. All of the enjoyable, silly humor and surprisingly witty one-liners were replaced with potty humor and tasteless gags. If it weren’t for the carnage I would have completely lost interest right around the time “little ucker’s” wang made an appearance.

This shift to lowbrow humor may be disappointing, but I still recommend this film to Troma fans and anyone else that can appreciate a little zaniness in their horror. Given Muscal’s background in visual effects the effects here are pretty darn good, and really the only saving grace towards the end. All things considered, I wouldn’t be surprised if this flick found its way into my DVD player again.

Grade: C+


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