Lala Shuts Down, I Pout Indefinitely

Lala’s been gone for a week now and I find myself sadly music-less when I work from my laptop. It’s departure has left a gaping hole in my music flow. No longer can I listen to an entire album when I discover a new band. Hell, sometimes I can’t even find single songs that aren’t poorly filmed, live videos on Youtube. Lala made exploring music easy and fun, and as a result I happily paid money to buy more music and support the service — something you’ll rarely hear someone of my generation say. Of course, it helps that you could get web albums for under $1 and song downloads were just $0.89.

All of the above combined with a nice recommendation system, better sorting options, and the obvious streaming libraries made Lala my ideal music site. I’ve tried replacing it with,, and Pandora in the interim, but none of those quite fill the void. Thanks Apple, you suck.

Yes, I know the rumors about and, no, I’m not holding my breath. A cloud-based service will be great, but I doubt they’ll adopt much else. Rather than a Lala-fied iTunes, I see a crappier, iTunes version of Lala in our future. If I sound bitter that’s only because I hate iTunes and simply adored Lala. I’ll go back to my pouting now.

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