Weekend in Wyoming

Grand Teton National Park

I’ve decided that I don’t get to Wyoming near enough. It’s just a few hours away and it’s freaking beautiful. Must. Go. More. The husband and I just got back from a long weekend there with some of his family and we did a lot of fun things that end with in’.


Grand Teton National Park

We did a very touristy hike up to Inspiration Point in Grand Teton National Park. It was beautiful, but so many tourists! People who walk down a slight decline with their arms stretched out like their on a tightrope. People who don’t have the courtesy to get out of the way so those of us behind them can pass. Pretty sure if there wasn’t an option for a boat that took them most of the way, most people wouldn’t bother.

Four Wheelin’

Victor, ID

We actually had to drive into Idaho to find a decent trail to put some scratches and dings on the rental Jeep. After about an hour of searching we finally found a good one and got bounced around proper like.


Jackson, WY

We had a bit of a humbling experience out on the bikes. Jackson has one hell of a bike path system, we were very impressed. Jackson is also a hilly place that is at 6300 feet. Our lungs did not appreciate what we put them through that morning, but it was totally worth it. One of the most beautiful rides I’ve ever been on.


Grand Teton National Park

Even though my lungs had had enough, my arms were rarin’ to go, so I tackled Jenny Lake with my father in law. We did about 6 miles around the lake before calling it a day. Could have gone longer, but I was fighting a losing battle with keeping my backpack (containing my camera and iPhone) dry. Judging by how sore my shoulders were the next day, a wise decision.



The most important in’ there is right? Much beer was consumed on this trip, and most of it was from Snake River Brewing..local and awesome. I am a new fan of their pale ale, the Dortmunder is great after a ride, and if you’re up for a heavier brew, their St. Marty’s “Holy Water” is quite tasty.

Cheers to a great weekend!

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