Cutting the Cable TV Cord

It’s been a week since the husband and I turned in all of our Comcast cable gear. Have to say, so far so good. It’s the first time in 28 years that I can remember not having cable, and I don’t miss it one bit.

Tired of paying close to $100 a month for the handful of channels we actually watched, and tired of compulsively filling background noise with sitcom reruns simply because the service was there, we finally decided to make the jump.

The first thing I noticed is my attentions are more focused at home without the needless noise. No, I don’t need to watch the same episode of King of Queens I’ve seen 8 times because it’s what’s on TBS when I get home from work. Silence is good. And TV is better when you watch something that you actually care about. We watch only the shows we care about, when we feel like it. It’s pretty nice actually.

Instead of cable we’re going the internet/home network route thanks to this handy little thing called Boxee. Right now we’re just running it on our old MacBook Pro upstairs in the office, that is until the Boxee box makes its debut next month. Once we get our hands on that glorious device we’ll be able to run Boxee downstairs on the big TV and with far more stability. This gives us access to not only the hundreds of movies/TV shows we have on our own network, but also all of the free content available on Boxee.

In addition to Boxee we’ve got Netflix available to us on both of our Xbox 360’s. Yes, we have two. With the thousands of movies and TV shows available there, we literally have something to watch all of the time. Nope, don’t miss cable TV one bit.

Well, that is except for one small thing: baseball.

We’re not quite sure what to do about the baseball game situation just yet. Subscriptions to aren’t too bad, so that might be the best alternative outside of hanging out at pubs for every game. As fun as that may be.

So, first impressions after finally cutting the cable TV cord: good riddance. Given the technology available, there is no reason to continue paying $100/month for channels we don’t want.

2 thoughts on “Cutting the Cable TV Cord

  1. I have a Hulu+ Sub as well as the Netflix and I love Hulu+ a bit more. I don't yet have it hooked up to a TV sitch and still love it. Even though I only had a basic cable sub I cut that out too earlier this year. Was in the same boat, watching whatever was on. I kind of like having to make a decision about what's on. Let me know how the Boxee thing works out.

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