Year in Photos

2010 was a year that started off promising, but things quickly went downhill right around the time my cat died and I got hit by a bus. Of course it didn’t help that I spent over half the year miserable at my job, but that’s a story for another post. Despite all the crap, 2010 was a memorable one and here are some photos.

Me and Tony Hsieh
With Tony Hsieh
Kevin Smith
Kevin Smith at Macworld
San Francisco
San Francisco

Playboy Mansion
At the Playboy Mansion
TWiT Meetup - Macworld
With Leo Laporte and Andy Ihnatko
New Orleans
The Neville Brothers in New Orleans
Family Reunion 2010
Logan Family Reunion in Louisiana
Domain Peeps
HostingCon - Austin, TX
Hiking - Red Rocks
Grand Teton National Park
In Jackson, Wyoming
Tour De Cure
After the Tour De Cure Colorado
More tiny Brussels..
First trip to Europe - Brussels, Belgium
Hello Amsterdam
<3 Amsterdam
Brussels, Belgium

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