Holy Crap We Bought a House


This whole adventure started very randomly one evening when I decided to download the Zillow app on my new iPad. Really I was just looking for shit to play with, but then I noticed something. There were houses in our neighborhood (an area we wanted to stay in) that were remarkably within our price range. This was a surprise because everything that had caught our eye before was easily $50k+ outside of our range — and if there was anything that paying off stupid after-college debt taught us, it is to stay within our means. So when we saw that there were houses we could afford, even if one of us lost our job, we decided to act on it.

Thanks to my mom, we had a great realtor (Becky Gregory, highly recommended) and found our home-to-be on the first day we started looking. The third house even. Hah!

However, finding a house and getting pre-approved for a loan were by far the easiest part of the process. The actual loan review process was STRESSFUL. The person reviewing our docs wins the ‘Worst Communicator of the Year’ award for one of the most frustrating experiences in recent memory. Although, after all was said and done, we only closed a day late. Much worse has happen to other people.

So now here we are. Big boy pants. Things are already breaking. Thankfully I’m a good researcher and my husband is blessed with what I call ‘man magic’ (aka the ability to fix random shit) which has already come in handy for things like leaky shower drains and replacing electrical outlets. Next up, ceiling fans…whee.

It’s funny what you get excited about when you own a house. I’ve hugged our new fridge more than once (thank you mom-in-law), our new washer & dryer are from the future (thanks parents), and our king size bed is heavenly (thank you savings). I love lamp.

There's @emazo being all manly with his new toy

Did I mention we’re walking distance from Home Depot? Oh noes.

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