Walk the Moon – Live at the Ogden Theater

I’ve heard a lot of hoopla about the live shows put on by Walk the Moon, and I was very much looking forward to this concert. Throw The Mowgli’s and Smallpools into the mix and holy hell what a lineup. Both openers were fantastic and did a great job pumping up the crowd with their charismatic and joyful sets. So much so in my case that I couldn’t help but be disappointed once Walk the Moon took the stage.

Walk the Moon | The Mowgli's | Smallpools

It’s not that they’re bad live, they have pretty lights and sound almost exactly like their record. But unfortunately I don’t go to live shows to hear bands sound just like their record. I want to see and experience how much a band loves playing their music for a theater full of fans that love it even more. I just didn’t get that from Walk the Moon. It looked cool and sounded good, but by the end of their set I was a bored bystander. We left before the encore and I went home and immediately booked tickets for The Mowgli’s next show at The Gothic. You can bet I’ll be seeing Smallpools the next time they roll through town too.

Walk the Moon at The Ogden Theater

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