A Silent Film – Live at the Fox Theater

Having seen this wonderful band three times already, I had no plans to attend their latest show in Boulder. However, when a new acquaintance uttered the words “We should go!” at lunch one day, I couldn’t say no to introducing a new person to the magical experience of seeing A Silent Film live. Said person did not actually end up going to the show, but I did, and I brought a friend who was a fan but hadn’t seen them in person.


Being a Sunday night in Boulder, it was a smaller, tamer crowd than I’m used to here in Denver. You could literally hear a pin drop in between songs during the opening band. Things livened up a bit once A Silent Film took the stage and, true to form, they played one hell of a show for that tiny, enthusiastic crowd. The biggest difference between this show and the others is that they’re starting to throw some new songs into the mix. Even though one slow song in particular fell flat, I’m stoked for a new record from these gents.


All in all, I’m glad I made the trek up to Boulder to help support one of my favorite bands and even happier that I could introduce a friend to the magic that is A Silent Film in concert. No videos this time, but how about another look at their amazing set from The Bluebird back in May.

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