To Chatfield and Back


With my first century two weeks away, it was high time for a nice long ride. I’ve been riding a lot in the 30-45mi range, but I needed something a bit more challenging. The trek down to Chatfield State Park is something I’ve been meaning to do for a while, and my best guess was that it was about 65 miles round-trip from our house…looks like that was a pretty good guess.

Chatfield State Park

We hit the trails around 8:00am, which is one of my favorite times to be out riding. You catch the early morning folks that are not only courteous when passing, but also greet you with a warm smile and a “good morning”. Later in the day you’re lucky to get a stern “LEFT” before someone whizzes by you. I’m not sure when exactly the shift happens, but I wish these “serious”¬†cyclists would set a better example — because, really, you may think you’re all hot shit, but you’re not above common courtesy..stop being a dick.

What was I saying again? Oh yes, bike fun time.

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Two Door Cinema Club – Live at the Bluebird Theater

Two Door Cinema Club

Thanks to Twitter, it was a last minute decision to catch Two Door Cinema Club at the Bluebird Theater. So very glad we did. TDCC put on a fantastic show, probably one of the best I’ve seen at the Bluebird.

If you haven’t heard these guys, I highly recommend checking them out.

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