Do You Know the Way to San Jose?

Gorgeous weather greeted me on this month’s visit to the bay area, which was a nice chance of pace from the snow here in Denver.

Hello again

My favorite coffee shop

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iPhone 4s Camera Detail

Not too shabby. It handles low light situations better than expected and really lets you get in there if you have a steady hand. I already took a crapton of photos on my 3GS and now I’m taking even more. Hope you like cats.

Up close

Raleigh Tamarack


My Attempt to Capture SUPERMOON [meh]

I had almost completely forgotten about “supermoon” until the husband and I got home from a late movie and both uttered “oh yeah, supermoon” as we gazed up at the sky. After about 5 seconds he went inside to go to bed, but I was determined to try and take some photos of the shiny, white orb. I went and grabbed the DSLR with a very dead battery and charged it just enough to sneak in a few photos at about 1:00am. The (mediocre) results are below.

omg supermoon

omg supermoon

We don’t have a tripod, so I’m sure I was quite the sight sprawled out and bent over my car trying to keep the camera steady.