Thoughts on HostingCon 2010

Seems like I was just in Austin for SXSW, but the big difference this time around was the heat. (Well, that and there weren’t a million people swarming all over the place.) I’m not a fan of humidity, which is why I live in Colorado, and in the middle of July the heat/humidity is in full swing in east Texas. Needless to say, I didn’t spend as much time walking around this was more of a series of short hops from place to place to take advantage of the air conditioning. Although I did make the hike across the Congress Street bridge in the middle of the afternoon so I could indulge in some southern cooking from Threadgills. Definitely worth it if you ask me.

The conference itself was a nice change of pace. Since it was a hosting conference and not a domainer conference, there was much more that interested me and actually applied to my job. I think I sat in on just about every Sales/Marketing session they had. Of course, like just about every other conference I’ve been to, I wish they had more advanced sessions. But really, this is the domain industry, it’s not about the sessions now is it?

The parties..err..”networking events” were awesome as always. Enom sure knows how to show people a good time, and I’m pretty sure they’re the ones responsible for me returning to my hotel room no earlier than 3am every night. Unlike SXSW, most of these events had a decent beer selection, which mad me a very happy camper. Although, thankfully I do my beer training up in Colorado, so it’s nearly impossible for me to drink too much at these conferences. Three cheers for high altitude.


Overall it was a good trip. I learned some things, met some great people, and lost about 5 lbs in sweat. Austin is always a great time and I look forward to going back.

Missed Opportunity

So I was in Austin for SXSW last week. It was awesome, and exhausting. Unfortunately most of the food I had while I was there was mediocre at best, but then someone told me about this BBQ place called Franklin BBQ that was not to be missed. It was a bit of a drive, but apparently totally worth it. Of course, once I heard “espresso BBQ sauce” I was sold.

Cut to the next day where my cohort, Michelle, and I drive through rush hour traffic to find this glorious caffeinated concoction. When we finally get there, which was no easy task, it looks a little..empty. There’s a couple people inside, so we poke our heads in to find out what’s going on. Sure enough, they are closed. On a Tuesday. During SXSW. Boo.

We mention that we are going home the next day and that we were really looking forward to their espresso BBQ sauce. They just shrug and apologize and send us on our way. Not even an offer for a bottle of their famous sauce, which we would have happily paid for. Just disappointment. They could have turned the situation into a happy one, one I could have shared with my friends along with my allegedly awesome BBQ sauce. But they didn’t, so all I have is this little rant.

Instead of ending my trip with delicious BBQ, I ended it with dinner at Guero’s and what is hands down the worst Mexican food I’ve ever had. If you can help it, don’t eat there. Seriously.