Sunday Morning Movie: Fargo (1996)


Fargo (1996)
Directed by Joel Coen

For breakfast: Christopher’s famous “Heartstopper Skillet”

I haven’t seen this in years and I’m afraid I have no good reason for it. I remember watching it and liking it, but not really getting why everyone was gushing over it. Let’s say that I have been turned into a believer. Fargo is a brilliant, quirky, violent little film that is now officially one of my favorites from the Coens. What continues to amaze me about the Coen Brothers is how varied each and every one of their films are, sure they will use similar themes and styles, but each film is unique and refreshing. They constantly explore different regions and people that some might consider “ordinary” or “boring”. But that’s the beauty of what they do, they take these completely mundane environments and create a rich atmosphere with unforgettable characters. The stark beauty of North Dakota contrasted with the brutal violence of the story really makes for some fantastic imagery. The acting is spot on and it almost feels like it was written specifically for these people (I’m positive this is the case with Frances McDormand and Steve Buscemi…Coen regulars ya know). One thing that really stood out to me on this viewing was the music, haunting and atmospheric, it really sets the tone for the film.

Grade: A