31 Days of Horror (2013)

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For the first time ever our October Horrorfest has actually resulted in 31 movies being watched. Holy crap. Of course, it helps that we expanded our selection to include “thrillers,” which allows for a bit more variety and less gore fatigue. The result was a fun month with a few new favorites to be added to the rotation going forward.

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October Horrorfest 2012


As is tradition every October, I tried to watch as many horror films as possible. Since I spent a chunk of the month house sitting for my parents in Illinois, this meant I spent most of my time exploring the Netflix catalog. As is also tradition for the month, I didn’t get to as many films as I wanted. But I did use it as an excuse to watch Cabin in the Woods, one of my favorite movies of 2012. Twice. That’s okay though, I made up for the overabundance of awesomeness by watching a couple pretty shitty movies. C’est la vie.

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October Horror Marathon

The Thing

I got a late start this October and I resisted going crazy trying to cram in as many films as I could. As a result I can actually process the films I did watch instead of having vague memories of blood and guts while craving a Disney marathon to make me feel like less of a sicko.

Zombieland (2009)

Zombieland is one of those films that, even after multiple viewings, remains an absolute blast. It nails everything — the gore, the cast, the rules, the humor. Plus it has BILL FUCKING MURRAY. It’s rare when something feels like an instant classic, but methinks people will be enjoying Zombieland for many years to come.


Contagion (2011)

Holy fucking terrifying movie. Yeah I know it’s not “horror” but it scared the shit out of me. I’m already a germaphobe and people already kind of gross me out, this film did not help. It is however, pretty fantastic. Much more documentary than drama, it simply gives an honest view of how events would play out during a global pandemic. Characters are introduced and discarded without sympathy. Everyone is a number, a piece of data, an acceptable loss.  What I most appreciated though, is the characters are human — people who get emotional and, more importantly, make mistakes. There’s no Dustin Hoffman jumping from helicopters here. These are people just trying to do their job, or do what  they think is best for their families. It’s the realism that makes it so terrifying.

Now nobody touch me ever again.


The Thing (1982)

One of my favorites. This was playing at the Denver Film Center and was my second chance to catch it on the big screen. I’m not sure what to say, it’s a sci-fi horror classic in every sense of the word. Fantastic effects, great cast, tense atmosphere, plenty of gore…KURT FUCKING RUSSELL.



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Attack the Block (2011)

Attack the Block

I didn’t know much going into this film, other than it was a big hit at SXSW. This is one of those rare occasions where I hadn’t even watched the trailer, so my expectations were pretty much zero. I’m happy to say I was pleasantly surprised by this contemporary Critters in the inner city. Sure it’s flawed and filled with plot contrivances, but the fun you have makes up for it.

The dynamic of the kids keeps you hooked and laughing through the absurdity. Think the Goonies where the gang is comprised of little shits that mug people and use their teenage machismo to battle the gorilla-wolf-motherfuckers that are invading their block. Throw in some over-the-top drug dealers and an overly dramatic climax and you’ve got yourself a silly little film that hearkens back to the 1980s. It’s not a great film, but it’ll make you smile.

Grade: B

Little *ucker (2009)

The screeners I get from Allhorrorfilms are usually pretty humorous, though this is the first time the film was surprisingly watchable.

Little ucker isn’t necessarily a film you should have high expectations for, but on the other hand, if you have high expectations (wink wink cough cough) you just might find yourself enjoying this silly little film. Directed by Michael Muscal, Little ucker hearkens back to the B-Horror films of the ’80s giving it a distinct, almost Troma-like feeling. Since the film aspires to be nothing more than a B-film, this means that when it stumbles it fortunately doesn’t have far to fall…and it does stumble.

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