Do You Know the Way to San Jose?

Gorgeous weather greeted me on this month’s visit to the bay area, which was a nice chance of pace from the snow here in Denver.

Hello again

My favorite coffee shop

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iPhone 4s Camera Detail

Not too shabby. It handles low light situations better than expected and really lets you get in there if you have a steady hand. I already took a crapton of photos on my 3GS and now I’m taking even more. Hope you like cats.

Up close

Raleigh Tamarack


Week in photos

Tavern Lowry

Drinks with some folks from Kikscore. Great people btw.

Hipstamatic even makes work look interesting!


Traffic on the way to Boulder. Look mountains!


In other news, I LOVE HIPSTAMATIC.


My husband looking all manly with our new grill. Rawr.