One Night in Chicagoland

Six years ago I lived in Chicago for all of seven months. I hated it. It was just after college and it was one of those impulse moves where I just needed to get away and try something new. I should have tried something else.

I lived in the wrong place with the wrong person and I was miserable. As an intern who got paid $7/hour, my rent was $750/ do the math. I chose the late shift at my internship and worked overtime every day because it meant a free dinner. I worked weekends at a wine store in the suburbs so I could make rent. I vividly remember spending my last $1.50 on a can of ravioli for dinner and hoping I could make it to the next paycheck. When you don’t have money, Chicago fucking blows.

Cut to today. I have money and Chicago, as it turns out, is quite a lovely place to visit. Even for just one night.

On the way to visit my parents, the husband and I stayed one night in a lakeside room at the Congress Plaza Hotel, which would have been more spectacular if hadn’t been gray and rainy the entire time.

Bet this view is awesome when it's not all dark and gloomy

A downpour of rain forced us to stay close to the hotel, which is okay because it resulted in the best goddamn steak I’ve had in years. Seriously, Midwesterners, you know how to cook a steak. Bless you.

Damn that was tasty

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My Attempt to Capture SUPERMOON [meh]

I had almost completely forgotten about “supermoon” until the husband and I got home from a late movie and both uttered “oh yeah, supermoon” as we gazed up at the sky. After about 5 seconds he went inside to go to bed, but I was determined to try and take some photos of the shiny, white orb. I went and grabbed the DSLR with a very dead battery and charged it just enough to sneak in a few photos at about 1:00am. The (mediocre) results are below.

omg supermoon

omg supermoon

We don’t have a tripod, so I’m sure I was quite the sight sprawled out and bent over my car trying to keep the camera steady.

Year in Photos

2010 was a year that started off promising, but things quickly went downhill right around the time my cat died and I got hit by a bus. Of course it didn’t help that I spent over half the year miserable at my job, but that’s a story for another post. Despite all the crap, 2010 was a memorable one and here are some photos.

Me and Tony Hsieh
With Tony Hsieh
Kevin Smith
Kevin Smith at Macworld
San Francisco
San Francisco

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Week in photos

Tavern Lowry

Drinks with some folks from Kikscore. Great people btw.

Hipstamatic even makes work look interesting!


Traffic on the way to Boulder. Look mountains!


In other news, I LOVE HIPSTAMATIC.


My husband looking all manly with our new grill. Rawr.