Critters (1986)

Ah, Critters. One of those flicks I grew up with that has not only held up over the years, but I actually enjoy it more now than I did as a kid. It was unfairly declared a Gremlins clone despite director Stephen Herek’s rebuttal of such claims, chalk it up to bad timing I suppose. Sadly Gremlins has become the much more popular of the two over the years and while I do think it’s good and deserving of the praise, it’s just unfortunate that Critters has been left in the shadows of those silly gremlins. I’d say the main drawback at the time was probably the lack of a cute, cuddly character to help brand the film and market it to children, you can probably thank George Lucas for that little trend. Personally, the film works for me becauseĀ Critters feels more like a western than anything else and if there’s one thing I love more than horror, it’s westerns. Just replace cowboys and outlaws with intergalactic bounty hunters and man-eating hedgehogs and there you have it.

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